Basements Waterproofing From the Negative Side: Details – With Cheap Carpet Tiles for Basement

After all preparations you are ready to apply the basic product of the system: the brush able, waterproofing, cementations slurry, so that you can put cheap carpet tiles for basement.

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1)      All substrates should be clean, structurally sound and well abraded to create open pores. Before application begins, saturate the substrate with potable water until refusal. Though, standing water should be avoided.

2)      Mix the product with clean water or a mixture of clean water and polymer latex following the instructions of manufacturer.

The powder should be added in the water and never the opposite.

Use a slow speed power mixer. The final product should be homogenous and perfectly creamy without excessive air-entrainment.

Avoid the temptation to use more water for extra workability. This is a mason product, not a paint. The treatment is a structural intervention and should be implemented like this.

3)      Load the brush with the creamy mass and press it firmly, slowly and consistently on the substrate trying to fill all voids and pores.

Try to respect the recommended consumptions. Remember that this is waterproofing not damp proofing and resistance to hydrostatic pressure should be achieved.

4)      After allowing the first coat to harden enough, proceed to the application of the second coat.

5)      Take care: Proper curing is critical, especially if you work outdoors or under hot temperatures. You will have to take all the necessary precautions!!

6)      There are two options in basements waterproofing from the negative side:

1st option: conventional cement based waterproofing products.

2nd option: crystalline waterproofing products.

Crystalline waterproofing products cause a structural modification in the substrate. They contain special salts which react with concrete’s free lime to form insoluble, compound salts that block the pores.

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In this way there are two lines of defense against water penetration.

Crystalline waterproofing is to be preferred when money is not the problem.

This was the 3rd part of trilogy on negative side waterproofing. Cementations waterproofing systems are not complicated but they deserve due respect, and also cheap carpet tiles for basement.

I hope we made some things clear-cut.

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