Bathrooms That Look Like Spas Like Bathrooms on a Budget

Bathrooms have become more than just areas for bathing and brushing the teeth. These days, more and more people are seeing this area as a place for relaxation and nothing is more peaceful than a spa like bathrooms on a budget. With a few simple decorating tips, you can create the spa effect in your home bathroom and target bathroom cabinets on wall.

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1.       Paint walls with a warm and inviting color.

Although bright and flashy colors may be exciting, these hues do not create a calming effect. White, red, deep brown, and jewel tones create an atmosphere of peace and relaxation. Painting is a simple and inexpensive way to change up the look and feel of a bathroom.

2.       Add candles.

To give the room a cohesive look, use colors and scents that complement the atmosphere of the room. Position candles in the sink and tub. Choose scented candles with a beautiful aroma.  When there are children or pets in the home, it is safest to use battery-operated candles. They often look like real candles but pose no fire hazard.

3.       Hang slippers and robes on the wall.

Wearing a comfy pair of slippers or a fluffy robe aids in personal relaxation. These are two luxuries that are found in a spa and invoke feelings of pampering and comfort. Dressing up in spa attire sets the tone for a spa experience, even if it’s just in your home bathroom.

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 4.       Set out large fluffy towels.

To make a bathroom look like a spa, get rid of the old, thin, grungy towels. Get at least a couple of new towels that are soft, thick, and fluffy. Buy oversized towels that completely wrap around the body, not the flimsy ones that barely wraps around the head.

5.       Add music or water features in the bathroom.

Another great bathroom renovation idea found in Somerset, NJ is the use of an indoor water fountain. This adds a serene atmosphere to the bathroom. If there is not space large enough on the floor, a radio or water feature can be mounted on the wall. These decorations can also be hidden behind a curtain or a floor plant if it does not fit the decor of the room.

6.       Grow plants.

Look for plants that are able to handle high humidity and grow in light. Ask the local plant store owner for plant suggestions that can survive in a bathroom. If there is not enough light for a plant to survive, select some plastic ferns that can be placed on the counter or hung in the ceiling.

There are many bathroom designs in Morris County showrooms that offer a wide selection of bathroom renovation ideas for Somerset and Morris County homes. Browse photos of bathroom designs in Lawrence Ville , while visiting websites in this area. You can view more ideas for bathrooms in Raritan by reaching out to the contractors in this area that do kitchen and bath renovations. These tips can then be created in your own space to give you that perfect Spas like Bathrooms on a Budget experience.

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