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Sussex Conservatories provide uncompromising designs of conservatories and orangery’s supplying almost any design you like. We have access to two of the best companies to provide your local conservatory solution and bob timberlake rugs. We are a local conservatory service for West Sussex, East Sussex and Surrey from a national organization.

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One company is widely recognized as one of the country’s leading providers and has been designing, manufacturing and refining a wide range of conservatories for years. The company is a market leader with over 1 million customers and the only British manufacturer and installers of PVC-u conservatories. (PVCu can be crafted to look like woods such as mahogany or oak. PVCu conservatories are easy to maintain and it’s a very durable material). It is the ONLY conservatory company in the UK to hold a BRITISH BOARD OF AGREMENT CERTIFICATE fit for the purpose for the complete structure so you know the manufacture, design and installation work is to the highest standard with a life expectancy of over 25 years. The company is the only company in the UK that manufactures designs and installs conservatories, thus you can ensure you get what you want at a reasonable price. Lately, PVCu has become popular due to its relatively inexpensive cost.

We also have access to hardwood conservatories. Although PVCu conservatory material is by far the best selling material used today in conservatory construction, Hardwood conservatories are the most traditional of alternatives. For something truly unique and original there is almost no comparison. Just about every conceivable architectural feature can be replicated in hardwoods. We have access to years of experience in the design and building of hardwood conservatories, garden houses and pool enclosures in all situations.

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A conservatory is a long term investment in your home, so choosing who supplies and installs your conservatory is therefore probably just as important as choosing the conservatory itself. We offer conservatories built to your specific requirements based on Elizabethan, Edwardian, Victorian or Regency designs with bob timberlake rugs. Or you can choose a totally different design that we will try to accommodate.

As we all know, a conservatory could be a great addition to your home, as it will add space and light. But which conservatory has the right shape and is made of the right materials to. A conservatory should always enhance your home as much as possible, whether it be from the outside or from inside. That’s why location and size of the conservatory are very important. A conservatory should fit in with your room plan, also to put bob timberlake rugs in place.

One of the most important things to consider is the size of the conservatory. A lot of people, to cut costs, opt for a smaller conservatory only to regret it later. Another major decision in the beginning of your conservatory building process is to decide what sort of design would go best with the shape of your house. if you are looking for a upvc conservatory, Hardwood conservatory or a DIY conservatory. Deciding on the design of your conservatory is an important part of the process and you will want to give careful thought to the size and design and the impact it will have on your property and garden.

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