Cool Bathroom Gadgets Digital Scales: An Iphone for Your Bathroom

The dawn of this century has brought many new technological advances and wonders. The 21st century has been highlighted by some of the greatest discoveries and inventions of all time. I remember back when computers were first introduced into society and people joked about the future, about having a computer that didn’t fill the room, but that could fit on your wristwatch. Funny as it seemed then, it has now become all but a reality.

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Many of these great technological advances are only useful for those involved in rocket science, but there are many that have use for the everyday member of society. One of these advances that can benefit all of us is the invention of cool bathroom gadgets digital scales. These simple, yet useful, pieces of equipment could have vast importance to almost everyone.

The United States has been the pun of many jokes including those geared towards obesity. A very simple digital scale has been invented that has compiled a complex procedure into the simple act of standing. The body fat scale is a device which not only tells your weight, but the percentage of your body mass that is fat. Our society is focused so much on weight, that many of us forget the importance of health instead of weight. The body fat scale is a great piece of machinery that can help the average America to know their actual health, not only their weight.

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Previous to these newer and more accurate body fat scales, you had to go to the doctor or a specialist who was trained in the use of calipers, etc. In years past, these cool bathroom gadgets digital scales were not highly accurate, but in the last few years, advanced in bioelectric impedance has allowed the average person to know their body fat percentage almost instantly.

Other cool bathroom gadgets digital scales have been developed that can calculate your body mass index. There are many bathroom scales that can tell you much more than just some arbitrary figure that really tells you nothing. There has been an enormous amount of hype surrounding the recent release of the Apple iPhone 3G. This amazing piece electronic can do about a million things and help you lead a more convenient life.

Cool bathroom gadgets digital scales are like the iPhone for your bathroom. A bathroom scale shouldn’t just be a bland, dirty slab of plastic. It should tell you much more about your body than just your weight, and it should definitely be sleek and stylish. In my opinion, for someone that is on a diet or simply trying to stay healthy, there is nothing more important than a highly accurate bathroom scale, especially a body fat scale.

I stopped worrying about my weight a few years ago. I am a very broad person and always felt like my weight was telling me that I was over-weight, bordering on obese. I discovered for myself that it isn’t about weight, but it is about health and how I felt about myself. I discovered the body fat scale and now use that as my focus on my health.

Stop focusing on your weight America! Take control of your health in an aggressive fashion. Worry about your health and how much energy you have. A body fat scale is a great way for you to focus on the right things about your diet.

If you’re as worried about your health more than you are about how you talk to people, maybe you should think about an iPhone for your bathroom.

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