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Wondering Agor Pool cost? The cool of the pool is an excellent choice to overcome the heat, but pools can be a huge waste to your space. This happens especially if you make them indoors. One that can solve this problem is the invention of Hydrofloors. It offers an alternative that is very unique. It enables you to transform your wide indoor terrace with marble floor or concrete floor into a pool and then back again. Don’t have to worry about the strength since it can hold as a garage floor, and, it is beautiful for a ballroom floor. The floor will rises up and the water will drain along the lines at the sides of the moving floor.

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The cushions are covered with heavy poly foam of polyester fiber and they are made in variety of designs that are enough for sitting, sleeping or napping.

What company designs this amazing hidden pool? It is AGOR Engineering that does the job. Made from contraptions of stainless less, which are waterproof and some hydraulic systems, this floors do not use oil. This obviously will clean out your wallet, but the result will be astonishing. Having this great innovation is worth the spending a lot. The price of this hidden pool for swimming will depend on the size as well as the procedures of installation. The estimation of the Agor pool cost would start from $25,000 to a mouth-gaping of $65,000, depending a lot on the size and the procedures of installation.


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Who doesn’t want a backyard swimming pool? It is the best thing in the neighborhood. But, questions then rise concerning the safety, especially if your kids are running around on the backyard. The company, Agor Creative Engineering, is a guarantee in design and manufacture of mechanical floors for customized swimming pool. That’s why you don’t need to worry about the pool’s safety. The company now has come up with another idea, a folding floor, after its successful hidden swimming pools.

What is interesting about this folding floor? It uses hydraulic mechanism which is water-based. When the floor folds up, it functions as a deck. Per square meter could hold hundreds of kilogram. This will be great for having pool parties or outdoor activities.

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