Corner Bath Shower Combo – Baths Made Easy With Aqualisa Showers

No need to lazy around anymore with the feeling of skipping bath for the day. With corner bath shower combo, now you can just get into a Walk-in Shower and the job is done! Walk-in showers have become the ultimate luxury in new homes. They give that extra showering space with no moving parts and the contemporary look to give your bathroom the modern edge.

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They also don’t spread water on whole of the bathroom’s floor. This way, your elderly can be safe from the danger of slipping on wet floor. You can be in a dilemma with endless array of choices for stylizing your corner bath shower combo bathrooms with a vast range of decorative finishes and dynamic choices available. However, the glass type closed walk-ins are the most popular in contemporary designs as they can be fitted into any corner of the house.

Aqualisa, UK, is an expert in the art of making designer showers for over thirty years. They are a multiple award winning company and have a mind boggling wide range of showers, shower valves and accessories. From stylish digital remote controlled showers to quarts pieces designed for royalty, they have it all. They also have an extensive range of saunas, radiators, thermostat controlled showers and general household plumbing material. They also provide water pumps, regulators and compatibility systems to solve all the water related issues in your bathroom.

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However, if you want to go for a lay down type relaxation, you can go for free standing baths. They have beautified the finest properties around the world since two centuries now. A free standing bath gives that special vintage feel with the advantage of being mobile unlike fixed baths. You can opt for a spa like bathrooms on a budget type bathtub for extra comfort.

Free standing baths come in two styles, British and French. You can choose the style according to your taste and size of the bathroom.

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