Deciding to Use Hunter Douglas Ceiling Fan Remote Control

Hunter Douglas ceiling fan remote control is an excellent additional part of a ceiling fan. This helps turning on the fan easier without getting up to turn on or of the fan. Installing this wireless fan and the remote control will be the best thing for air circulation in your home.

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  • Efficiency

Using this Hunter Douglas Ceiling Fan Remote Control to determine the direction and speed of the fan will be an efficient thing to do. No need to get up and pull the cords of the fan to change the setting of the fan. This wireless system is just like using a remote control for your air conditioner. Just push some buttons and you will get the speed you desired.

  • How to Use?

There are a number of buttons on the remote control. Unlike the remote control for other appliances, this Hunter Douglas Ceiling Fan Remote Control for ceiling fan uses small dip switches that are placed in the position of up and down. You need to consult the manual when you set the remote and also when you set the fan and when you also reposition the dip switches when necessary. After you have verified that any switches are in the exact position, you can check the control of the fan again.

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  • What if?

Replace the batteries in the remote if the fan does not respond to the command from the remote. This is the most common problem of the ceiling fan with a remote. Just take out the old batteries in that remote and then put in the new batteries according to the manufacturer’s manual. After you have the new batteries put in, try to use it by turning the fan on and off, changing speed to make sure that the remote is ready to regulate the fan.

  • Check and re-check

You need to check and recheck the Hunter Douglas Ceiling Fan Remote Control. After you have a worn out batteries or wrong position of dip switches that mostly cause problems, now try to see and check whether the fan is working correctly. Use the chains and/or switches to manage the direction and speed, and also to turn on and off the lights of the fan. If no response from the fan, it is probably the fan that has problems. This you need to check whether the connections of the wiring to the fan or perhaps you need to take the fan to be repair. If the fan responds, then it is the remote that is the problem. This you need to replace.

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