Decorating Windows with Curtain Rods for Tight Spaces

Curtains are always needed, especially curtain rods for tight spaces.Not only because curtains are still a great way to keep the heat intact indoor during winter seasons. They are also the best way in keeping the heat from the sun out but still bringing some lights into the room during summer. But the most important thing is curtains are one of the best design ever existed. Since they are available in various forms and colors, they give you great rooms for variations in terms of colors and forms of shades.

Curtain Rods For Tight Spaces Lofty Idea Curtain Rods Wrap Around Curtain Rods Wrap Around Rod
Curtain Rods For Tight Spaces Lofty Idea Curtain Rods Wrap Around Curtain Rods Wrap Around Rodsource

It is common for those who are professionals in constructing windows to let the curtain rods for tight spaces exceed the frame of the window. By doing so, when the curtains are opened, the window can be fully uncovered. If you just have the same length of curtain rod with the window frame, the curtain will still cover the sides. You can also tie both sides of the curtains, so they will uncover most of the window sides. This way you can still let sun light and see the view of the day.

Rod Arms that Swing

These kinds of rods, which are called crane or portiere rods, consist of brackets that hinged on one side. When you use a curtain, just swing it like you do when you close the shutter or a door.

Rods that Return

Curtain rods, which are classic, have ornamented ends at both sides. They are called finials. Finials require space on the wall. It doesn’t matter since they’re just decorative.


curtain rods for tight spaces curtain rods for tight spaces curtain rods ideas for small tight spaces source

Rods for One-Way Draw

If the curtain headers are pleated drapery-style, these headers are used to hang from a rod which is traversing with just a one-way draw.

Rods at the Corner

When there is a window next to the corner wall, which is usual since the room is positioned at the corner side of a house, installing corner rod will serve both of the windows and this will finish the problem of the placement of the curtain rods for tight spaces.

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