DIY Bathroom Mirror Frame Ideas – Reflect Your Personality in a Resonating Manner

As far as style statement at bathrooms is concerned, mirrors in most of the cases are pushed to corner. Homeowners generally emphasize on latest tiles, bath accessories, tubs etc. Mirrors are considered as a utility not a fancy item at bathroom. If you fall into such homeowner’s club, it is the high time to add some decorative DIY bathroom mirror frame ideas to the mirrors at your bathroom. With endless alternatives available in market, finding a fancy bathroom mirror is not difficult task.

10 diy ideas for how to frame that basic bathroom mirror bathroom 10 diy ideas for how to frame that basic bathroom mirror bathroomsource

While choosing a mirror, the aspects you should pay attention are spaces available at your bathroom, size of the mirror, design of its frame and price. If your bathroom is spacious, large mirrors can be bought and be positioned ideally. For compact bathrooms, oval mirrors are good choices.

Here you can position two oval mirrors opposite to each other to create an illusion of bigger space. Distance of objects from mirror edge, viewing space available and lighting of your bathroom should also be taken into consideration before making final decision.

how to frame a bathroom mirror how to frame a bathroom mirrorsource

Winter is problematic not only for you but also for your bathroom too. Moist and fog create condensation effects at your bathroom and hinders the right reflection of your image on mirror. To avoid such embarrassments, you should opt for heated mirrors that are immune to fog and moist. Online shopping is the best way to purchase a mirror according to your budget, preference and ongoing trend.

Here you can find a wide collection of bathroom mirrors and medicine cabinets ranging from frameless mirrors, backlit mirrors to magnifying and heritage mirrors at one place.

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