Glass Bath Screens Create More Space in the Bathrooms

Nowadays, the whole world has started to recreate and rethink about various products and services that are in use. People have been looking for products that provide them both benefits as well as the expected functionality. This is same in the case of building a home about which every individual has big dreams. The model, look, size, color, quality and the likes has been integrated together to make the dream a reality. So, people carry forward their work slowly and steadily to achieve their dreams and expectations. Bathroom is one such place where people implement new innovative ideas to enhance its look.

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Bath screens are used as replacements for bath curtains in bathrooms, where there is limited space available. By installing a glass bath screen in the bathroom a person is guaranteed with luxurious showering and bathing. These screens enhance the look, feel and design of the bathroom as it comes in various styles and sizes. These bath screens are categorized into three main types pivot or fixed screens, sliding screens and folding screens. Each type of bath screens has its own features in satisfying the requirements of the customer.

Fixed glass bath screens help in preventing water leakage from bathroom that can occur at the alternative edges. They provide easy access for entering and exiting the bathroom to facilitate the comfort of the user. These types of screens have a single sheet of screen material as it requires some space to open. These screens are neat and stylish that adds to the look of the shower cubicle. Most of the stores have high quality screens of this type, which is highly resistant to aging and stains. These materials are easy to maintain, safe, tough and uniform that can withstand any high impact and doesn’t shatter.

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Sliding glass bath screens provide extra space for the user that works as per their needs. These screens can be extended accordingly as some people may take bath with doors half-shut. It operates in normal sliding mechanism, which moves along the edge of the shower. They provide watertight seal facility that prevents any accidental leakage of water while having a shower. It is designed on the basis of safety and hence the risk of breakage is very limited. These types of glass screens are available in the market with different finishes that comprises of high quality materials.

Folding glass bath screens are more space-efficient and made using a single sheet of transparent material. These screens also provide extended cover and it has the flexibility to aid various movements both in and out of the shower. It is the most economical choice in facilitating additional space for people taking a shower. These are made up of 2-4 glass panels that are joined as a single unit. The entire unit can be folded when not in use and can be opened up when required. Just like sliding screens, it also works on sliding mechanism and is considered to be noiseless bath screens. Various frames of folding screens are available, including the classic chrome and striking white that attracts several users in buying it.

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