Great DIY Floating Entertainment Center

DIY floating media center is beginning its popularity. Houses are getting smaller and smaller. Sleeker designs has been so in demand nowadays. The high prices of land and its availability is now beginning to get very scarce. Things that are taking too much spaces are usually the systems of giant wall and the shapes that are bulky. Those things are old-fashioned and also gets a little too expensive.

 diy floating entertainment center design ideas for living room diy floating entertainment center design ideas for living room source

Systems of modern entertainment and floating shelves can be chosen to accommodate many things, like books, decoration objects and even DVDs, without adding up any space. These two things can come in many styles, sizes and also shapes. There are many choices to choose or you can make your own designs using the existing ones that are used by many. They can be thin shelves with small capacity to store, but with lighter look and even a cabinet for TV which is bulkier. Those can come with multiple drawers and shelves.

DIY floating entertainment center that is chosen carefully should not only be about style. It should be also about functionality that concerns your needs. When you are going to have a lot of things installed in your media center, then you probably should get ready for throwing some of your money in some wall system. This will do for you when you just want everything in one wall system or console.

floating wall units how to build a wall mounted entertainment room floating wall units how to build a wall mounted entertainment roomsource

Contemporary DIY floating entertainment center aren’t always quite big. It can be made according to your own space needs. Stack everything in one wall, but keep everything in order according to their sizes. Then you will have a compact floating entertainment center. Screens can also be added to conceal the monitor when it’s not in use.

A floating entertainment center that has a built-in walls with feature can be said that it’s a nice way to draw focus in the room. Some architectural companies are focusing in designing that way. That wall is covered with two shelves, top and bottom. This will make the room stay clean and neat.

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