How Shower Valves and Shower Rod for Corner Shower Add Style Comfort and Decor of a Welcoming Showering Experience

Construction of a well designed bathroom needs attention to finest details. A great deal of effort and money investment goes into finding the right configuration of installations. The right choice of Shower Valves and shower rod for corner shower set is important if you are looking for enhancing your bathroom look. These are small pieces that alongside providing core functionalities like hot and cold water mixing temperature control and water flow control also accessorizes the bathroom in a classy way. So it can be said choice of valves has both an element of functionality and an element of decor to it.

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Valves are available in different styles. Circular valves are easy to grip and control and give a contemporary look. If you have a preference for a Sci-Fi look you can go ahead with choosing angular valves. If you own a household with children and elderly or people with special needs then maybe a cross head valve is the better choice than angular or circular. The prices vary among different valves on the basis of the level of grip control the style provides. A crossed shape valve may cost higher than a simple round shaped valve. To avoid design incompatibilities it is better to choose a supplier that is offering valves and shower heads as a combo set with facility to add on other optional features like raiser rails and handsets.

The handle or lever in a valve is responsible for water flow control. This lever takes water already mixed within the valve and regulates its flow of water between two extremes of full on and full off. If a single lever controls release of water to a single outlet it is a single flow control mechanism. In case of multiple showering options like both an over head shower and a hand held shower, or perhaps shower rod for corner shower fitted with raiser rail it is better to choose a dual flow control mechanism.

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The use of diverters is also popular in new bathrooms. These are switches which cannot provide independent water streams to dual or multiple valve outlets. The advantage of a dual control shower valves over the Diverters is that the later can only allow water flow simultaneously through both outlets while a diverter simply diverts a water stream in single flow to any one of the available outlets.

For people who prefer safety convenience over cost another matter of consideration while choosing a valve set is whether or not it provides temperature control features. The supply of water in other parts of the household will affect supply of water in the shower in case of a single water tank and a single boiler used for the whole household. The thermostatic feature allows water supply from the valve to block if the water temperature goes above or below a defined level.

This is called anti scald function in day to day language. In this case shower valves with thermostatic features will provide extreme comfort as they provide safety from scalding.  This is a big advantage where the house has people with special needs or children and elderly. In such households the best option is a classic shaped round head valve with easy control features and in built thermostatic functionality.

Whether you are renovating an old bathroom for a contemporary look or are designing an elegant bathroom from scratch the choice of right installations and accessories both is very important.

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