How to Achieve a Successful Construction Project – This Old House Bathroom Remodel

Construction is a complicated process, not to mention this old house bathroom remodel. Dispute, miscommunication or worse, charges are inevitable in any California home construction projects. Open communication line plus tight business relationship is extremely crucial to lessen the gap and maintain a clear project execution.

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Imagine the amount of cash you have to invest on a single project — that could be from hundreds to a million dollars. Why risk your money and investment on a particular project without the proper and clear agreement between you and the California construction contractor?

Consider these guidelines when working with a construction company CA so you can protect your interests.

Make sure to hire a licensed and professional California new construction contractor for your house construction and this old house bathroom remodel. This way, you won’t end up in embezzling a chunk of money. Sub contractors come from independent businesses that range from roofing, siding and electrical to mention a few. Meanwhile, the contractor must oversee the whole project and carry out the house completion at the agreed time and budget.

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When planning a construction, ones first and foremost concern is the contractor who is apt and fit for the job. Below are pointers to achieve that:

If your friend, neighbor, relative, or anyone you know has had previous contractors, it is advisable to get referrals from them.

After getting the contractor’s name, address and contact details make an appointment with him and discuss your plans and ideas for the project. Build a connection with the contractor and observe how he responds to you. Remember, “no matter how good someone is, if he doesn’t click with you on certain points, don’t hire him.”

Scrutinize the contractor’s business profile; gather all details about his business background, his terms and regulations. Make a checklist on the following: materials, association or affiliation of the contactor, experience, and price.

It is best to consult an engineer or an architect because they can give you a good referral.

Beware of contractors who may be “fishing” for and hoping to find someone who will fall for their exorbitant price. These “fishing” contractors have more work than they can handle, but they’ll fit you in if you’re willing to pay their unreasonable figures.

Finding the appropriate contractor is hard. Once you find the right one, it is important to make a “contractor agreement” that could help in solving future disputes and delays.

Before you sign a written bid, be reminded that the signature is interpreted as agreement to the bid. To get a clearer agreement between the parties, ask your contractor to present a formal written contract instead of signing the bid.

Successful project completion isn’t merely a “hide-and-seek” game. Careful supervision and monitoring will save you from construction dilemmas. Check the construction site and keep track of the progress of your project every day. List all the materials and expenses consumed per day so you can monitor your daily expenditure.

Also assure safety on the work site by making it a point that workers are on a safe area and aware of safety precautions.

Always keep a good and open communication line with the general contractor and see to it that his team completes the project at the agreed time frame. If problems and misunderstanding arise, don’t hesitate to cancel the project or charge initial damages, but, discuss all the problems with your contractor.

It’s also important that you ask the contractor for relevant papers, like warranty cards, for all the appliances and equipment installed in your house and also this old house bathroom remodel.

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