How to Make Bathroom Cleaning Checklist

Bathroom cleaning is a domestic chore that no one looks forward to. It is very hard, time-consuming and disgusting. This room has to be cleaned regularly, though, just like anything else in a house. How to do it?

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Here is a detailed bathroom cleaning checklist from a professional cleaner London:

  1. The first thing you have to do is to remove the soap scum and grime from the tiles and grout in your bathroom. Use a solution of vinegar, baking soda and water prepared in a spray bottle for this purpose.
  2. If you have a shower cabin in your bathroom, you have to de-scale and clean it, too. You can use the same solution as for the tiles and grout.

  3. You must clean and disinfect the toilet. Cleaner London advises that you don’t use bleach or other strong detergents for this purpose.  Pour a bucket of hot water in your toilet to empty it, and use the vinegar-based solution mentioned above to remove the dirt from your toilet. Rinse with hot water and disinfect with plain vinegar once again.
  4. Clean the wash-basin and faucets.
  5.  If you have mould in your bathroom, use a solution of vinegar, salt and eucalyptus essential oil to remove it.
  6. Mix freshly squeezed lemon juice and water to clean the mirrors and window in your bathroom. You must also clean the window ledges, cupboards, shelves and other attachments. Wipe the door, frames and skirting boards.
  7. Don’t miss to clean the towel rail. Polish all faucets, the shower and the towel rail using a solution made of lemon juice and lemon essential oil. They will become as shiny as new.
  8. Clean the floor in your bathroom, wiping it with the same solution that you used to clean the tiles.
  9. In the end, deep cleaning services providers recommend that you disinfect the whole bathroom with white vinegar again.

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These are all the things that you have to clean when maintaining your bathroom. Don’t skip any of them, as they are all very important. Moreover, the environment in your bathroom won’t be healthy if you don’t follow the list above.

And if all these chores seem too much work for you, don’t hesitate to use the services of some cleaning company.

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