Learning About the Best Kitchen and Bathroom Floor and Wall Tiles Combination

One should always concentrate more on the decor of places like the bathroom and kitchen, because these are the spaces which get neglected when you are planning the interior decor of homes. We tend to concentrate more on the living rooms and the bedrooms. But if we do take a little time, we can manage to bring a difference in the look of a bathroom or a kitchen. For instance if we use ceramic tiles for the bathrooms, it will look very classy. Moreover one can be innovative with ceramic bathroom tiles as they come in different colors. If you have an eye for colors, designs and shapes, you can be the interior decorator of your own house.

we love using travertine tiles for bathroom floor and walls we love using travertine tiles for bathroom floor and wallssource

When you are planning bathroom wall tiles installation, you can be as creative as possible. Bring out your innovative side and experiment with the looks. The great thing about tiles is that they come in all kinds of colors, textures and shapes. If you want a unique look, you can mix and match the tiles. Blue is the dominant color when it comes to bathroom tiles. However you can mix your imagination and bring a dazzle in the look in the bathroom. For many the bathroom is the most favorite place in the whole house. Instead of going by the conventional norms, they can choose different colored tiles with various patterns.

Or else there is always the option of choosing the border tile of different color. This will make the whole arrangement more colorful. In case of floor design, bring out your artistic skills and creative side. Before you shop for the bathroom floor and wall tiles combination, you should have a plan in your head. This will make the shopping process easier. Think of all the probable colors and the designs. Accordingly you can shop for tiles with different textures. If you feel that the floral design has become common, then you can go for the geometrical designs or the asymmetrical designs which will look different. If you are planning to the project yourself, you should be well prepared with the tools.

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Installation of bathroom tiles requires special tools. When you cut the tiles, you should always choose a professional saw. A light duty saw will be good for small tiles. You will need the trowel, tile nippers, a mixing attachment for the drill and several small items which will come handy while installing the tiles. Before installing the tiles, you should check the surface of the bathrooms. It should be clean, smooth and solid. A bouncy surface is not good for tiles. There are chances that the tiles may crack. Before you lay the tiles, you should put a layer of cement board so that the surface is not bouncy.

Before you put the bathroom floor tiles, you can just put it on a surface to have an idea how it looks. If you like the pattern and the design, you can lay down the tiles accordingly on the surface. When you practice, it is better not to put adhesives. Instead of sticking the tiles, plucking them and putting them back, you can try out the tiles on a normal surface to get an impression of how it will look.


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