Looking After Your Solid Oak Stairs With Carpet Runner Furniture

Good, solid oak furniture setting in your home can add a lot of style and warmth, like oak stairs with carpet runner.  It looks great, smells great when new and lasts for ages.  However taking care of such a lovely item or such lovely items should never be forgotten if you really want the investment to last, and pay off. Do not let your brand new solid wood dining table lose its shine.  With some careful tips and advice, your oak furniture will last and last and be a constant delight for many years to come.

elegant oak staircase with carpet runner and wide treads in the elegant oak staircase with carpet runner and wide treads source

Caring for your oak furniture is for the most part, quite easy. Sometimes, wiping over with a damp, but not wet, cloth is all you need.  In other cases you can use teak oil and Danish oil to polish untreated wood items. There is not necessarily a need to do this every week, once every few months or whenever you do your spring clean will be sufficient.

Be careful not to leave glasses of water or the like on solid oak stairs with carpet runner furniture as it does leave marks. Get some coasters or table cloths, and prevent something so little from spoiling the gorgeous oak look.  Children are not always thinking about their actions, and guests may not be aware, so simply setting down some coasters or cloths is a good way to look after the wood without always feeling kike you have to follow people around to ensure they do not put a glass down on the wood.

People are, of course, not going to enjoy visiting you if you follow them around like a bad smell, watching their every move.  If the worst happens and the dreaded water stain does appear, some people swear by mayonnaise on a paper towel to remove the white mark.

great to see this one finished oak stairs with carpet runner great to see this one finished oak stairs with carpet runnersource

A good tip is to look at the quality of what you are buying in the first place.  Ask questions and find out how the wood furniture you want to buy is actually constructed, and how well it is finished.  You want to know how your wood furniture is constructed to ensure functionality and the wood finish will determine the final look and feel that your furniture will have.

Watch out for the sun, as ultraviolet rays can really spoil a lovely piece of oak furniture. Color changes and finishes may begin to crack. Use blinds, or UV window protection as this will prevent sunlight from bearing down directly on your furniture.

Also think about temperature and humidity.  Too much dry air will shrink wood and you may see cracks.  Lack of moisture obviously dries things out, and your wood furniture is no different.  And the other extreme is too much moisture which can swell the wood and also cause splits.  But if the room temperature and humidity levels feel fine to you, then most likely it will be fine for your furniture too.

The finish is also important.  Your wood furniture may have a varnish on it or oil finish.  The degree of the finishing will directly affect how prone the pieces are to cracking, or splitting.  Talk to the show room staff or look into the techniques by yourself to see what level of finishing is applied.

You may even look into refinishing some products but ensure that you do this correctly and really know what you are doing by doing your homework first.  Pay attention to instructions and ensure you strip completely and complete the finishing just as the advice recommends.

Some people get upset about the scratches and marks left over time on their wood furniture, but not oak stairs with carpet runner.  While there are some remedies to fix this, another option is to just live with it.  Embrace it and see the marks and scratches as a story, proof that you have lived and that the furniture has been enjoyed.  If you do want to reduce the marks and scratches then there are ways to help so do some research and find the best for the type of wood that you have.

Now you know how to take care of that oak TV unit, and make sure it lasts and lasts, as one of the best investments you ever made.  Solid oak furniture just needs a little bit of care and then you will be enjoying the nicest furniture ever.

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