Looking to Sell Your Home? Think About How to Decorate a Guest Bathroom

If you are looking to turn a quick profit on your home you will want to do something to it that will help make it stand apart from the hundreds of homes on the market today.  And the best way to do this would be to use decorative millwork products and how to decorate a guest bathroom.  This is a wonderful way to get the house hunters to want to invest in your home.  However, it is not always an easy task so being prepared is important.

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First you must determine what style home you have. You will not want to use ornate crown moldings on a contemporary ranch style home and vice versa.  Because we offer such a wide variety of styles, you are sure to find the best decorative millwork products to fit your project needs.  If you are not sure what design would best fit the style of your home, remember that you can always do a bit of research online and find exactly what you need.

The second step would be to take a look around your home and see if there are any blemishes that will benefit from getting covered by moldings or trim.  Many older builds will have settled over the years and this can create large gaps where you walls meet as well as where your ceiling and wall meets. The perfect fix for this would be our white river moldings and casings.  But there is one more step to figuring out which product to buy.

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When you look through various homes and keep your eyes on their moldings and trim you will notice that not all of them are of the same width.  And believe it or not, there really is a formula to follow in order to get the right width for you room and how to decorate a guest bathroom.

What this entails is to make sure you compliment your wall height with that of your ceilings.  So in other words, for every 1′ height from the floor to the ceiling you will want to have 1″ in white river molding or trim width.  And once you figured out the ‘what ‘and the ‘where’, what is left is to figure out the how much.

For this part of the project, it is always important to use a good quality retractable tape measure.  There is nothing worse than spending all day measuring and then only find out you got it wrong after getting your purchase home.  And even better yet, if you are able to get your hands on a digital or laser tape measure, you will be sure to have an easy and accurate job.

And furthermore, when deciding what amount of white river moldings to purchase, a good rule of thumb is to always order more than what you measured.  Now you can be well on your way to how to decorate a guest bathroom and getting that project done and putting your home on the tough housing market.  And what’s more, by decorating and remodeling your home with our white river products you will be able to pick and choose among the offers that will be pouring in.

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