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In the earlier times, wall tapestries with knights and castles embroidered over them adorned the castles to reduce the cold in the large stone buildings. Tapestries with knights and castles were also created to preserve the history of the occupants of the castle for many generations to come, which now you can buy wall to wall carpet online. Similarly, medieval tapestries depict the art forms, gallantry of nobles and knights, the unicorn, and dining and feasting of the nobles.

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Medieval tapestries gained importance in the 13th and 14th centuries when the churches started to appreciate tapestries as a work of art. The churches used them to pass on the stories of the bible to the people.

Medieval tapestries are useful for extracting social information of that time period. For instance, these tapestries depict the armor that was worn and the accessories, such as banners and horse decoration used during battle. They also show the original construction of buildings. Not only this, food, drinks, and household customs were also depicted in medieval tapestries.

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Medieval tapestries used earth tones and plants as colors. Three plants, woad, madder, and weld were known in Europe for dyeing various materials. Madder produced red coloring, weld a yellow color and woad was known for its blue color. These three primary colors were mixed to form other colors. These three primary colors were used in the Lady and Unicorn Tapestries (one of the most famous tapestry of the medieval period). Borders of the medieval tapestry were decorated with flora and fauna or with a band telling the story in the tableau. Sometimes, the arms of a lord were also incorporated into the border as a frame.

Most of the medieval tapestries have retained their popularity even in the modern world and you can buy wall to wall carpet online. The Unicorn tapestries continue to delight people with their mystical nature. Le Bain with its mille fleur background is a well known medieval tapestry. It can still be found as a wall decor item in many stylish homes. Medieval tapestries showcasing scenes from the country life, wine making, and battles have also retained their appeal.

Medieval tapestries are available in the market and you can buy wall to wall carpet online in various designs and sizes and help you add a charm and historical flavor to your home. At present, very few medieval tapestries are hand woven. Most of them are jacquard woven.

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