Minimalist Bathroom Furniture: Discreet Walk in Shower Designs without Doors

We all require our bathrooms to perform certain specific functions, to be practical environments that perform efficiently and in exactly the way we require them to on a daily basis. Whether that requirement is as the place in which we prepare to face the world each morning, or where we want to relax and unwind at the end of a long, hard day, it can be easy for us stop seeing our bathrooms as extensions of our other living spaces, and as purely utilitarian rooms, and thus allowing them to become a little unloved and uncared for.

six facts to know about walk in showers without doors six facts to know about walk in showers without doorssource

How then can we move away from this overly functional approach and ensure that our bathrooms feel comfortable, friendly and inviting? Well, half the battle is in making sure that our bathroom fixtures and fittings don’t feel or look to overtly practical. Fortunately, modern bathroom designers have responded to this desire from customers, and have accordingly developed a wide range of modern bathroom furniture, sanitary ware and accessories that are elegant, subtle, discreet and yet highly usable and efficient.

The end result of these developments is that it is now entirely possible to have a bathroom that decorated in a stylish and contemporary fashion, walk in shower designs without doors  performs to a high standard of efficiency and yet doesn’t feel like just a bathroom, but rather simply another room which we can enjoy spending time.

walk in tiled shower designs no door best 25 showers without doors walk in tiled shower designs no door best 25 showers without doorssource

Fitted furniture can be a valuable asset in achieving this result, because as t is incorporating or supporting your sanitary ware, it sits flush against your walls and floor, and conceals pipes and plumbing connections to the water mains. A fitted basin vanity unit will also provide ample storage space for the cosmetics and toiletries that tend to accumulate around the basin over time, so that all those mismatched and multi-colored bottles and packages are no longer left out on dispel.

A combination basin and WC unit, or even just a fitted cistern cover that results in a stylish back-to-wall toilet, will provide you with a greater amount of available surface area, and allow you to install a subtle and stylish push-button flush, that eradicates the need for a traditional handle.

With taps, too, we can now be more subtle. A single basin mixer with a lever action, finished in bright, modern chrome, will appear more as a design feature than the traditional separate crosshead models of old.

An illuminated home depot bathroom mirror cabinets is always an improvement, and the latest models feature internal LED bulbs, which are not only more efficient and longer lasting than traditional bulbs, but can even be used to create the impression of a 3D frame around the mirror. These incredibly stylish mirrors can also feature touch-button on switches, rather than a pull cord, making them as easy to use as possible.

Exchanging your shower curtain for a toughened glass shower surround is also a great idea. It will protect your bathroom from splashes and drips, but wont block out any light or feel like it is compartmentalizing the bathroom into smaller sections.

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