Organizing Efficiently with Modular Wall Units

Modular wall units are available in various models and also in various measurements. The finishings are also available in several colors, like clear glass, high gloss or just grey lacquered. This is so perfect if you have other matching elements to customize your home, especially the living room wall, which is according, of course, to your own needs and importantly, tastes. These modular wall units come with brackets that are practically fastened to the wall and also the doors which are from wood and got a closing system which is soft when closed.

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Modular wall units from Plan have the characteristics such as, the doors are with hinges, that are available in several finishes. The doors which are from wood have two systems, one is pull-push opening and the other is using handles. There are usually 4 handles which are built-in to the glass doors in painted metal frame.

There is another maker for these modular wall units. It is from Logic. The characteristics are almost the same. The hinged door modular wall units are ideal for fulfilling your fully customized compositions and designs. This is possible because there are more than enough finishes and available colors.

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This makes these modular wall units are matched to any kinds of living room designs, the spacious and wide open home spaces and to the compact ones. The cabinet door is very modular. It is placed next to the others that makes it available to create wall systems. This systems are to be completed just by a single top.

The finishes are available in several veneers, with lacquered colors of more than 20. The internal shelves are in glass, which the glass fronts could be finished in 5 different kinds with 3 frames. Some of these modular wall units are made from recycled woods.

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