Pictures of Bathroom Vanities and Mirrors- Choose the Right Bathroom Mirror

Style and sophistication in the bathroom flow from the detailed designing of bathroom products available in the market today. Mirrors form the focal point of the pictures of bathroom vanities and mirrors, and lend as much chic to the bathroom as any other fitting. With the right mirror, you can add character, depth and an impression of space in the bathroom.

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How to choose the right bathroom mirror

Pictures of bathroom vanities and mirrors can be either countertop or fixed in the wall. Tile bathroom countertop ideas can include the countertop mirror, which is mounted on the vanity stand. The height and size of the mirror will vary according to the size of the vanity.

The frame of the bathroom mirror should not go beyond the edging of the vanity. Round or oval countertop bathroom mirrors sitting on a rectangular vanity base look simple yet stylized. They also come with a tilt back option for optimal viewing.

selecting a bathroom vanity mirror for vanities and mirrors selecting a bathroom vanity mirror for vanities and mirrorssource

Wall bathroom mirrors come in oval, round and rectangular shapes. They can be either frameless or have a metal or wooden frame. Frameless mirrors usually have a beveled rim, and look sleek and minimalist. Framed metal mirrors are available in polished chrome, brass, stained nickel or oil rubbed bronze. Bathroom mirrors with carving on its wooden frames can add a classic or period-style look to the bathroom.

You could also consider installing the heated bathroom mirror, which prevents fog from forming on the mirror during a hot shower. So, you don’t need to keep wiping the condensation off the mirror.

Bathroom mirrors can enhance the overall design and décor of your bathroom.  So, choose it with care.

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