Pictures of Chalk Painted Furniture – A Chalkboard Door – Our Simple and Entertaining Solution

My house is 4200 square feet two story stucco. It’s a typical Southern Florida house—a soft salmon exterior complimented by terracotta shingles—certainly not anything that would hint to a family of six living within its walls.  However, once you slip past the front door and inside, it becomes all too apparent—the aroma of Mac and cheese lingering in the air, and clumps of toys skillfully piled into the most high-traffic paths in the house and pictures of chalk painted furniture.

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Hidden in the farthest corner of the second floor, and converted from a study, is our youngest children’s’ (twins), rec-room.  They’re a little older now, creeping up to eight, but that hideout of theirs, where they spend most of their non-school day, is their room.

Recently we remodeled it as a surprise of sorts.  Not for any occasion really, only because we felt bad for the little guys.  You see, after it was the study and before we converted it to their play room, it was a baby room, decorated in childish colors, figures, and décor.

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When we decided to revamp the room, we installed something that has become a trend and lends a quirky, contemporary air to the room—chalkboard doors, pictures of chalk painted furniture.  Our original solution, the spray-on stuff, served its purpose, but not for long, and we found ourselves having to maintain the finish on a regular basis.

It took a few years and some real web-sleuthing, but we would eventually stumble upon a better solution—Masonite’s Chalkboard Door, that can become pictures of chalk painted furniture.  It comes in a variety of wood species; is aesthetically chic and seems expertly tuned for the kids.  They use it to leave each other notes and create works of art that only a mother could love.

That chalkboard door keeps them occupied for now.  Their most recent request is plasma screen TV.  That one, however, is going to have to wait a while.

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