Protecting Walls with Ceramic Wainscoting Panels

Wainscot is a term that is applied to extra ordinary split oak boards. It came from large forest trees, which are slow-grown. It produces boards that are free of knots, low tannin, light-weight, and especially easy to be crafted. Home-grown oak trees are less preferred, in Holland and Great Britain particularly, since the product is extensively superior and stable in dimension.

Ceramic Wainscoting Panels Traditional Full Bathroom With Pedestal Sink
Ceramic Wainscoting Panels Traditional Full Bathroom With Pedestal Sinksource

A certain dictionary depicts that the word comes from wagenschot, wageschot, during German medieval era, which means wall board. Also, the verb to wainscot means to cover the walls with wooden boards or other Ceramic Wainscoting Panels board material.

So the term ‘wainscot’ is a board from split oak (and then it is saw into quarter). And ‘wainscoting means the process of paneling the walls with that oak board. During the old times, dated as far as the 18th century, wainscoting with oak was not used widely, but alternatively replaced by softwoods, commonly with spruce from Norway and pine from Scots, but they stuck with that name.

There is a term Grazia Boiserie or Wall Tile of Italy. It is a reminiscent wainscoting of the classic bead board. It is an element of architectural design which is popular. The series of Boiserie are faithful interpretations of ceramic tile. This Boiserie consists of baseboard tile and cap molding.

A silent palette will keep the tone right if you want your bathroom as your haven, where you want to escape the chaos of the outside world and to unwind yourself. The splash back’s grey blue color Ceramic Wainscoting Panels goes along with ceramic floor tiles. This will quietly increase the color tones of the paneling and vanity unit.


wainscoting design ideas home design ideas wainscoting design ideas home design ideassource

You can maximize the ceramic wainscoting panels in the sense of functionality by adding a shelf around the space. It will create a space for anything. You can décor it with knickknacks for any character to just a toothpaste tube.

When installing ceramic wainscoting panels, you may already know that children can be so rough on walls, especially in small places. Therefore installing this wainscoting will not only help you protecting sheetrock from scratches and dents, but also adding some character to the room.

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