Reach New Heights with Tall Target Bathroom Cabinets on Wall

Cosmetics, toiletries, cleaning supplies: We all accumulate bathroom products, and without proper storage space available, all of those mismatched and multi-colored bottles and packages can quickly overwhelm even large bathrooms, leaving them feeling cramped and cluttered.

So storage is required, but what models of cupboards and target bathroom cabinets on wall are the most effective for bathroom use? There are now units available in every conceivable variation of sizes, shapes and finish, so when you first start exploring your furniture options, it can feel difficult to know where to begin at to look for. With that in mind, let’s examine one type of cabinet in a little more detail.

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Tall, narrow freestanding units, known as Tallboys, are one of the most popular types of bathroom furniture and they are equally effective in large bathrooms or compact cloakrooms. These freestanding units can be repositioned whenever the fancy takes you, so they are not as permanent a design choice as fitted furniture. Their tall, narrow design creates a wonderful balance between generous internal capacities for the smallest possible occupation of floor space.

One of the best aspects of Tallboy storage units is that they have the appearance of pieces of furniture that could blend seamlessly into any room in the house, even though most modern models will be delivered pre-treated with a water- and moisture-resistant coating, specifically designed to protect wooden bathroom furniture.

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There are variations of the core design of this unit as well, so you can find a model that has an arrangement of drawers, doors, and open- and closed-face sections to suit you. A combination of cupboard and open display model is a popular choice, to discreetly store items you don’t want on show, such as cleaning supplies and spare toilet rolls, and then to show off certain items, like fresh, fluffy spare towels for guests.

As far as finish is concerned, there are dozens from which to choose, from metallic cabinets for a little urban chic, through to glossy colored lacquers. Naturally finished wooden furniture is the most popular finish by quite a margin, and it’s not difficult to see why. The grain and look of each piece of wooden furniture is unique, so these finishes will add a real character and identity to your bathroom. Then there is the warmth and tactile appeal of using natural materials in your room design, which will result in a far more inviting and comfortable bathroom with target bathroom wall cabinets.

These Tallboy units are elegant, versatile and provide ample storage space. Why not have a click around and find the perfect model for your bathroom today?

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