Searching and Deciding for 3 Bedroom Katrina Cottage for Sale

  • What are Katrina Cottages?

Katrina Cottages are some tiny houses or homes that are designed and sold in the US after Katrina hurricane in August 2005. The small houses are built in a response to the shortage of mobile homes that were produced for the victims of flood by Agency of Federal Emergency Management (FEMA).

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  • Why Katrina Cottages?
  • Known Designers

It is Marianne Cusato that comes up with the idea of “Katrina Cottage”. And in 2006 she received award of annual People’s style. She is known for her idea of providing small houses for the people.

  • Where to Buy?

Home improvement merchant Lowe’s was selling this Katrina bungalow kits, together with plans and all the materials required to build a single house. This was made a pilot program by the FEMA in the needs of accommodating about 900 families that were the victims of the hurricane. But this program was not as smooth as the hurricane. It was opposed by the government, because the program would decrease the value of property; thanks to the cheap value. But, the governor of Mississippi takes action by just accepting the 3 bedroom Katrina cottage for sale, because it was safer than most trailers.

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  • Which to Choose?

The 3 bedroom Katrina cottage for sale bungalow assortment includes enticing tiny house and bungalow vogue plans that were build as to respond the needs of the trailers from the FEMA after the impact of the Katrina in the beach and the seacoast. Marianne Cusato and the other designers gathered their ideas to make the designs so well considered, fulfilling, and sturdy characters.

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