The Hottest Current Bathroom Trends and Over the Toilet Storage Home Depot

Each year there are new dozens of new bathroom design trends, as designers and manufacturers try to maintain a fine balance between reacting to the market place and introducing new ideas. Each year some of these trends will come, some will disappear and some will go from strength, eventually reaching the mainstream and being adopted by the vast majority of people who are in the market for bathroom upgrades.

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The biggest success story of recent years has been the triumphant return of bathroom furniture. After a decade of sparse minimalism holding the bathroom design top spot, designers and suppliers have taken heed of the demands of the public and are now creating bathroom storage options that are more attractive, durable and affordable than ever before.

After all, we all tend to accumulate bathroom products, and without anywhere to store them, all of those mismatched and multi-colored cosmetics and toiletries are enough to overwhelm any room, no matter how spacious, and result in a bathroom that feels cramped and crowded.

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There are many benefits to bathroom furniture, and some are more subtle than others. Obviously the fact that it will allow you to keep your surfaces clear and tidy, allow you to store your entire bathroom products in an organized, categorized way is the key benefit, but the others are just as important.

Fitted furniture, that is pieces which sit flush against your walls and floor, and over the toilet storage home depot will help to create a more streamlined bathroom, as it will conceal the plumbing and pipes that connect your sanitary ware to the water mains, resulting in a room that feels less like a purely functional space and that feels more designed, more of an extension of the decor in the rest of the home.

Next, technological and manufacturing innovation has come on in leaps and bounds since the last great boom in the popularity of bathroom furniture. We can now enjoy soft-close drawers and doors, water- and moisture-resistant coating to protect the furniture from bathroom life, and furniture made from composite materials, such as MDF, and then finished with a high quality veneer or glossy lacquer to help reduce the cost of the units.

There are also cabinets, over the toilet storage home depot and cupboards now available in every conceivable variation of size and shape, and the number of finishes from which you can choose is growing all the time. There has never such a wide array of furniture readily available in such a range of styles and finishes ever before, and just a few mouse clicks, you’ll be able to find the perfect units for your bathroom, so try it today!


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