The World of Shabby Chic Bathroom Vanities Furniture Is One of the Hottest Interior Design Trends

The world of shabby chic bathroom vanities has become of one the hottest trends in interior design as people look for practicality along with chic style when it comes to selecting their bathroom interiors. Today bathrooms are no longer just places to carry out one’s ablutions each day!

29 vintage and shab chic vanities for your bathroom digsdigs 29 vintage and shab chic vanities for your bathroom source

They are now considered to be one of the most important rooms in a home, a place where people can not only carry out necessary hygiene routines, but places of peace, tranquility and relaxation at the end of the day or invigorating experiences first thing in the morning! As such bathrooms suites are widely available in every conceivable style and form to blend into modern interior design styles effortlessly, irrespective of the theme being used.

The colored shabby chic bathroom vanities suites which were the height of fashion in the seventies have been replaced by modern colors, along with classical white to enhance bathrooms up and down the country. The smallest of bathrooms can be transformed into rooms which maximize space with the latest designs in bathrooms and showers.

Deep rich colors along with vibrant reds and oranges are being teamed with white in contemporary styles bathrooms, whilst those who adore everything Victorian can indulge in free standing roll top slipper styled baths to create the most delightful bathrooms which are full of chic style and charm.

29 vintage and shab chic vanities for your bathroom digsdigs 29 vintage and shab chic vanities for your bathroom source

Basins with built in vanity units are in-vogue at the moment as designers use every available space to conceal bathroom toiletries, to create smooth sleek interiors which are completely clutter free. The use of duo hand  basins, which have been seen on the continent for many years, are also becoming increasingly popular in the UK, as many modern households use their bathroom as a shared place rather than a solitary place of seclusion.

From the most luxurious, to the more practical family styles of bathrooms, there are designs and colors to suit every interior design style, individual taste and budget, which include the very latest innovations of concealing the toilet cisterns and providing generous storage space to fit into modern lifestyles and modern approaches to cleanliness perfectly.

Having a dream bathroom is no longer only available to the wealthy, many companies offer bespoke bathroom designs at very affordable prices, which means that rather than simply putting up with what you have or what you have inherited, a bathroom makeover can make a huge difference to your lifestyle as well as potentially increasing the value of your home.

Whether you opt for white bathroom furniture or one of the latest rich colors is purely down to a matter of personal preference. Irrespective of your choice you should opt for high quality and those which offer the best value for money, particularly as each member of a household spending a considerable amount of time in their bathroom every day. Transforming it into a stylish room which you adore being in is a great way to bring the much needed rapport with you are you surroundings.

Take a different approach to the way your bathroom is used and maximize its potential to the full, the fight for the bathroom or look is, for most homes, a thing of the past as en-suite bathrooms and downstairs cloakrooms, bathroom vanities and furniture are included in most modern houses or can be included with the wide range of different bathroom furniture which is now available.

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