Traditional Bathroom Styling Featuring Mid Century Modern Bathroom Fixtures Methods

Sometimes it can feel as though the world is relentlessly moving forwards, forcing us to feel as though we need to upgrade, update, move on to the next best thing. In modern bathroom design 2018, it can start to feel like a relentless march into new styling territory that everyone may be comfortable with. Mid-century modern bathroom fixtures become a trend among the bathroom owner. However, thanks to modern developments in design and manufacturing processes, those among us who wish to retain a more traditional bathroom decor can now do so, but with all of the benefits of increased durability, efficiency and better value from their bathroom fixtures and fittings.

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Taps, for instance have benefited from the introduction of ceramic disc technology, which results great longevity and better control over temperature and flow rate. A bright, chrome finish is now essentially an industry standard and chrome is a hardy surface that is easy to clean, resistant to staining and scratches and has a long lifespan. Combine these two improvements in a tap with traditional crosshead styling, and you have an updated classic.

Roll top baths have been the epitome of glamorous, luxurious bathing for decades, and if you have the space, they make a wonderful addition to any bathroom. However, the enormous porcelain models of old could be easily chipped and scratched, and by their very nature, were prone to rapid cooling, making them inefficient. Modern roll top baths retain all of the opulent appeal of old, yet are manufactured from stone resin and acrylic, making them stronger and better at retaining heat than their predecessors. Modern bathroom furniture is generally now sold pre-treated with a coating that is both water- and moisture-resistant, to protect against long term exposure in a busy bathroom, and to protect against warping and damp damage.

Solid wood furniture is still widely available, but the better value option is often opt for a wooden veneer finish over a body made of a composite material, such as MDF. In this way, you can achieve the look and appeal of solid oak furniture, for example, without the expenditure that that usually entails. Traditional cabinet doors are still widely available as well, utilizing beveled detailing and more traditionally styled handles.

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Achieving a bathroom with elegant traditional decor is still a perfectly reasonable expectation, and even as hundreds and hundreds of brand new cutting edge mid century modern bathroom fixtures and fittings are created and launched each year, with just a few clicks of a mouse you can discover the bathroom units and appliances designed they way you want. We are now in the very fortunate position of being able to enjoy the flair and panache of traditional furniture, with all of the assurances and benefits offered by modern manufacturing. Let’s enjoy it.

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