What Modern Bathroom Furniture and Bathroom Wall Vanity Options Are Available for Cloakrooms?

Most cloakrooms for modern bathrooms have a traditional setup of a toilet and a basin. As cloakrooms are often associated with a more compact size, many people may think that there isn’t room for any additional features. However, one of the best ways of maximizing this compact space while bringing a little decorative flair to the room is to add bathroom furniture to the cloakroom. At first glance, you may think that there isn’t any room available for bulky pieces of cloakroom bathroom furniture but due to the rising popularity of adding furniture to bathrooms, en suites and cloakrooms, there is a whole host of compact options to choose from that will complement almost any cloakroom setting.

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However, how exactly do you add bathroom furniture to the cloakroom without turning the room into an even more compact and cramped space? Adding furniture is all about creating a balance between maximizing space while still considering the overall size of the room.

One of the best ways to make the most of a cloakrooms size is through utilizing wall hung furniture. Wall hung furniture can take many different forms such as storage units, cabinets and even vanity units. Wall hung furniture is a great way of saving space as the units are taken away from the floor to free up that valuable floor space.

To give the cloakroom a new look, you could opt for a bathroom wall vanity unit over a traditional basin and pedestal sink storage cabinet. The benefit of choosing a vanity unit instead of a basin is that the vanity acts as a stylish centerpiece certain to give any cloakroom an element of interior design flair. Another advantage to wall hung vanity units over basins is that they come with inclusive storage through drawers and cupboards so you can maximize space further in the cloakroom by tidying away any clutter. Due to the various depths and widths of vanity units, it is easy to find a smaller vanity unit should you be worried about the cloakroom becoming cramped.

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Another thing to remember with modern bathroom furniture for the cloakroom is to look for units that have a multi-purpose. Vanity units with a towel rail for example can effortlessly cut down further space while bringing a handy feature to the room.

The appeal behind adding modern bathroom furniture to the cloakroom also stems from the various design options you can choose. Adding a unit in a stylish wooden or gloss finish can instantly bring an element of interior design flair to any drab cloakroom.  Finishes you could choose include everything from chic monochrome to traditional wooden units. However, it is important to remember to select a unit that complements your existing cloakroom decor as any garish contrast could result in the space looking cramped which is the exact opposite of the look you should be working towards in a compact cloakroom.

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