Winter Warmers: Handy Bathroom Heating Hints and Small Bathroom Towel Storage Ideas

As winter begins to close in on us for another year, we all want our homes to be cozy and comforting after a cold day out braving the elements. So, then, what are best ways to achieve a warm, inviting and friendly bathroom, small bathroom towel storage ideas in which we can take refuge from the harsher elements of winter weather? Here are a few changes that you can make to your bathroom that won’t break the bank, but make an enormous difference to the overall feel of this commonly used and vitally important room and medicine cabinet with towel bar.

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To address the central issue of heating the bathroom, there are two areas that will have the greatest effect. Firstly, upgrading your radiator to a heated chrome towel rail, will warm the room, dry towels and ensure warm towels are available for each bathroom user, and creating a striking design feature, reminiscent of a boutique hotel or spa. These bathroom cabinet with towel racks are available in a wide variety of dimensions, to suit all bathrooms and wall spaces, and as are attractive as they are multi-functional, bathroom medicine cabinet home depot.

Secondly, we have under floor heating. Formerly the sole domain of the wealthy, this technology has dramatically reduced in price and improved in efficiency over the years, which means that it is now a viable option for any bathroom. The ambient heating created by under floor heating will put an end to mornings involving frozen toes and will create a far more luxurious feeling bathroom.

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The vast majority of bathroom suites manufactured in the last decade have been glossy white, which, when surrounded by other white fixtures and fittings, can begin to appear a little cold and sterile. Without changing your bathroom suite, which can be a costly and time consuming exercise, there are other ways to introduce texture and character into your bathroom without replacing all of your sanitary ware.

Firstly, bathroom furniture for bathroom towel decor ideas has undergone a real resurgence in popularity over the last few years, a trend which looks set to continue. By selecting furniture in a natural wood finish, you will be reintroducing a tactile quality to your bathroom, rich warmth that will balance out your bathroom suite. There are all shades of wooden cabinets available, from lighter hues, such as oak and pine, all the way to dark, opulent shades, such as walnut and wedge.

Natural stone tiles will have much the same effect, bringing character and individuality to your bathroom, as each tile will be subtly different and unique. Whether used to completely fit out a wet room, or in concentrated areas, such as a splash protection zone behind your basin, this is a great way to make your bathroom a warmer and more hospitable environment.

Your bathroom is one of the most frequently used rooms in your home, it should be a place in which you can enjoy spending time, and be a room in which you can feel relaxed and comfortable. Why not explore some of the ideas mentioned above? Click around and discover what can work best for you.

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